Public Talks

       Von der Fluoreszenz zum Fraktal - Die Wechselwirkung
       von Molekül und Licht im Experiment
       lecture series "Wissenschaft zum Anfassen" 
       organised by the Naturforschenden
       Gesellschaft in Zürich
       December 4th, 2017
       Zurich University (Irchel)

Advanced learning for
       chemistry teachers
       Organised by the
       Chemistry Institute of
       Zurich University.

Camp Discovery

       Magische Chemie - Von der Alchemie zur modernen
       Organised by the foundations Science et cité and Kovive in
       cooperation with Science Lab UZH, October 2017 / Zug

Introductory Chemistry Modules for Schools
          at primary schools                                             
          Creating and conducting as                                              
didactically meaningful as                                              
          spectacular and joyful  hemistry                                              
          lectures for primary schools                                              
          (at the university or the primary                                              
          school itself)                                              

        Symposium for the promotion of public   
        understanding of science and technology

        I am currently organising a small symposium with
        engaged science teachers and university professors
        with the aim to set up a non-profit society for the   
        promotion of public understanding of science and
        technology modelled after seminal efforts by 
        individual organisations in switzerland, germany and
        the UK.

        Generally supporting teachers and organisations
        with the planning and conductance of science related

        From Science weeks at schools, MOOC recordings for the

        introduction into science didactic basics for young teachers
        to simple lending of special chemical glasware or
        experimental support.

                                 Responsible chemistry expert
                                 Science Lab / Zurich University

                                 Creating and conducting chemistry
                                 research courses for high school
                                 classes (age 14-16, Sek1 and Sek2).

                          Kinderuni Zürich
                               (three times a year)

                          Leading the chemis-
                          try courses of the
                          Kinderuni for prim-
                          ary school pupils
                          (age 9-12).

                                           Nationaler Zukunftstag
                                           (annual event)

                                           Leading the chemistry courses
                                           of the Zukunftstag for primary
                                           school pupils (age 9-12).

Science Alumni Family Day of Zurich
University (annual event)

Leading the chemistry courses of this
event for pupils age 8 to 18.

Science Xplore ARTLAB
       Sept. 2016: ESAM School Viseu / Portugal
       Aug. 2017: Zurich University

           Leading the chemistry
courses (Green Chemistry and Photovoltaics), giving scientific talks (e.g. Beauty in Science) and supporting the pupils (age 10-18) to creatively convert their scientific insights into a piece of art.