Unexpectedly about to write a research paper, preparing two public experimental poof'n'bäng lectures, and doing quite some scribbling .. 

23.10.2018    The new Angewandte  paper
                        is online now
01.09.2018   Experimental lecture on Alchemy 
                       at the "Lange Nacht der Museen" 
                       got great feedback
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To particle or not to particle, that seems not the question Whether​ 'tis nobler in the mind to accept the slings and arrows of outrageous anti-realism or to take arms and sail a sea of remaining loop holes. And by finding crown them. To save hidden variables - to save causality and meaning. No less. And by experiment to say we end the mind-ache and the thousand shocks.

2.6. - 6.6.2019

- - -

Per Anhalter durch das Periodensystem
31.8.2019 and 1.9.2019
Scientifica Zürich

- - -

Antivitamine als
11.9.2019 / 9:00 - 16:00
Universität Zürich-Irchel
21.05.2018   It's official, I was finalist for this
                       year's CS Award for Best Teaching
                       by the University of Zurich
May   2018    "Pictures of Imminent Doom"
                       Exhibition of Drawings / Zurich
24.03.2018   Lead yet another successful
                     Kinder- Universität Zürich
06.06.2017   The new ChemComm Paper is
                       online here
April  2017   Leading yet another "Green
                      Chemistry" course week at the
                       Science Xplore  ART LAB   - after
                      Viseu it's back in Zurich this time
18.01.2017    Starting to teach chemistry
                        at the MNG Rämibühl - an
                        outstanding mathematical /
                        scientific high school in Zurich.

check out some of my
31.10.2016    Giving my first lecture - in the
                        very same hall I attended my
                        very first lecture in 19 yrs ago.
27.04.2016    Starting to work on my new
                        book Stimmen von hinter der
01.03.2016    Start teaching position at the
                        Science Lab UZH
research, cv, publications
outreach, public lectures
15.01.2016    Good bye Oxford, so long UK!  
                        Halihalo Züri, hoi Schwiiz!