-  Laboratory/fumehood (for preparation)
     -  Copper thiocyanate : CuSCN
     -  Triphenylphosphine : PPh3
     -  Pyridine


         CuSCN (x mg) and PPh3 (2x mg) are dissolved
     in hot pyridine (all three chemicals are toxic).
     Afterwards the pyridine is almost completely 
     evaporated by ongoing heating. If only a little
     pyridine is left, the solution is left to cool to r.t.,
     the meanwhile dark brown pyridine is removed
     and the crystals washed with toluene.
          The crystals are put in a glass vial and pressed
     to the wall by a rounded spatula. Rather bright,
     blueish triboluminescence is visible even in an
     only moderately dark room.


         The triboluminescence is equally well visible if
     the pyridine is evaporated to completeness and
     the crystals include some of the brownish
     pyridine mess.


          Synthesis of a Photoluminescent and
     Triboluminescent Copper(I) Compound: An
     Experiment for an Advanced Inorganic
     Chemistry Laboratory
          F. Marchetti, C. Di Nicola, R. Pettinari,
     I. Timokhin, C. Pettinari, J. Chem. Educ., 2012,
     89 (5), 652.
          DOI: 10.1021/ed2001494

Blue triboluminescence of the copper complex when pressed to the glass wall of the vial.