Memories ...
Certificate of my admittance to the Royal Society of Chemistry. It took me barely any- thing to get that, but with the holo- .
Brought some small paintings of mine to London and leaned them against the wall of the Tate Modern, so now I can say "My paintings were at the Tate Modern"
gram and the parchment it looks SO much more fancy than my PhD certificate, which I worked for a tiny bit harder and slightly longer. 
... sweet memories.
Who said, that por- phyrins are a pain to separate by column chromatography?
This sublime moment, when you hold the first batch of a new com- pound in your own hands.
My first newly synthesised molecule. It crystallised
just so. It was a hard lesson to learn that the mole- cules to come would not crystallise as easily.
patron saint of chemists
A cup of coffee
A notebook
A pen
MSc Celebration Dinner:It's good to have you here, John
Some of the Amazing Andersons before a formal hall in Exeter in front of
the Radcliffe Camera
and All Souls.
Drosophila Vitruvia - Figura pro- portionis honoris causa
It IS quite
cool to know
that one of my
paintings is
hanging in the
office of a
nobel laureate.
I've seen it in London, and yes: now I can die peacefully.  in usa

A Journal in the Acknowledgement of Serendipity

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Cherwell, I miss you.
Half-inch men  are  starting  to appear all over europe.
newest at the Berlin
Wall eastside gall-
ery ...
Me at Ytterby Gruva - knocking out lanthanide minerals.
Half-inch man and spraying rat are meeting at Tooley street, SE1, London (right at the beginning of the
underpass beneath London bridge)